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Connell Michael, LLP: The Multistate Firm With A Client-First Focus

Legal problems that threaten your relationships or your child’s welfare aren’t run-of-the-mill issues, resolved through a do-it-yourself approach. Conflicts involving divorce, child advocacy at school, medical malpractice and other related concerns are highly sensitive matters that can have lasting repercussions. These personal legal concerns require cutting-edge strategies developed by compassionate, adept advocates.

At Connell Michael, LLP, we provide the attentive, zealous representation that your case demands. While our female-owned boutique firm has a multistate reach, we have a client-first focus. From our offices in Carmel and Martinsville, Indiana, we offer award-winning counsel to individuals and families who need strategic legal allies by their side.

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Dedicated To Providing A Higher Level Of Service

At Connell Michael, LLP, we don’t shy away from difficult tasks. We embrace complex legal conflicts – and we win. We represent clients who are confronting complicated issues such as education due process cases, Hague Convention custody issues, surrogacy disputes and appeals.

When we are confronted with a challenging matter, we analyze, strategize and move forward, drawing on decades of insight to find the best plan for the situation at hand. It is our unrelenting drive and commitment to our clients that motivates us to develop innovative approaches that get results.

We never forget that you are counting on us to serve as your legal champion during your time of need. Whether you require an advocate in the courtroom, around the negotiation table or by your side in a mediation or collaborative law session, we will be there.

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